Vintage House Aesthetic | Welcome to Emma & Jean!

If you’re a lover of vintage treasures, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Emma & Jean, we painstakingly choose vintage items for interior design. Whether vintage decor is your go-to or you’re looking for vintage design elements to make the rest of your home’s design pop, we’re here to help you add that vintage flair to your life!

Vintage Design Services

In addition to curating a beautiful selection of vintage pieces for the home, we also offer a limited number of styling and decorating services that help our clients create a collected and meaningful space where they can be surrounded by the vintage aesthetic that they love.

We love using heirloom pieces that our clients already own as well as rehabbed furnishings and our own vintage and antique finds! This process of curating the individual’s specific vintage style gives something that you can’t get at the nearest big box stores and helps to create a unique and personalized home that never goes out of style! If our vintage style resonates with you, please contact us for a free initial phone chat.

Shop featured pieces to help your unique personality shine!

Whether you love geometric shapes and bright colors or neutral color palettes, table lamps or natural light, or antique pieces with a modern feel or more of a vintage look, we have exactly what you’re missing!

Vintage Inspiration on the Blog

Stay up to date on essential design elements for the vintage aesthetic and learn tips and tricks from a vintage interior designer. Start reclaiming your space with your mid-century modern or vintage flair today!

Why work with interior designers?

You deserve to have your dream interior design for your home! Reaching that goal can be hard, especially when you start wondering where to find your dream light fixtures and antique items. You can spend dozens of hours digging through antique shops and rifling through flea markets, only to come home with nothing! As an interior designer, I have tons of experience with taking someone’s aesthetic and paying attention to the detail that they want, then using that to find the perfectly crafted vintage treasures and antiques for their dream space.

Give yourself the sense of comfort in your own home without putting in all of the hard work!