Bookend and books - Vintage home decor

15 Tips for Vintage Home Decor

Bookend and books - Vintage home decor

Vintage home decor is gaining more popularity as people are realizing that vintage doesn’t have to be limited to clothing and furniture, even small items like candle holders can make a huge difference! Mixing modern pieces with antique details or simply embracing the vintage look will turn your space into an eclectic masterpiece worthy of envy from all who enter. So don’t wait any longer – mix up those patterns and colors today for a fun yet functional room everyone will love!

The vintage aesthetic is a timeless look, but can be difficult to navigate if you aren’t sure how to go about finding the right lighting, furniture, and accent pieces. If you are looking to design your space with antique pieces that will add a sense of history to your living space, then look no further! Here are 15 tips and recommendations to help you create your perfect vintage-inspired home.

01. Mix and match different vintage styles

Mixing styles is a technique that will give your home a more eclectic and vintage feel. If you want to make sure that the pieces in your living space look like they all belong together, consider using different types of metal finishes for lamps and other decor elements. A distressed wood finish will also work well with this type of decoration scheme because it has its own unique charm.

02. Mix & match old and new pieces

The best thing about mixing styles is that there are no rules! You can mix old-fashioned, upcycled furniture with modern electronics or even use midcentury design alongside antiques if you’re feeling adventurous. While looking for pieces to pair, keep a general theme in mind as you search the items in different shops to keep your room cohesive. There are no limitations when it comes to combining different kinds of vintage items, so have fun experimenting until you find the perfect vintage pieces while shopping!

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03. Embrace neutrals

One mistake that people often make when trying to achieve a vintage vibe is using too much color, whether through their furniture, artwork, or a combination of the two. While bright hues may be used sparingly throughout the room (like accents on artwork), most items should be neutral colored like creams, tans, browns, blacks, etc.

Vintage homes tend to be quite neutral in color, especially if they’re older. This way it will feel cozier and inviting instead of loud and boisterous!

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04. Mix wood finishes

Mixing wood finishes is another one of those no-rules parts of vintage decorating. You can make your entire space look like it’s from the 1950s with modern wooden furniture, or you could paint all your hardwood pieces black to create a more contemporary feel!

05. Add upcycled organic elements

Reclaimed wood and natural elements such as plants add a touch of warmth to your home decor, whether you’re going for an eclectic or romantic look! Toss in some dried flowers here and there, hang up paintings with rustic frames, or simply bring nature indoors by displaying fresh-cut branches around your vintage finds. You can even find natural elements on-site at your home or in local parks. The possibilities are endless when it comes to adding these types of items into the mix: just remember that less is more!

08. Use small details sparingly

Smaller pieces like trinkets can be used throughout the house if they match any style – even modern spaces will benefit from tiny vases on side tables or figurines along shelves. Make sure to account for small accents while decorating, though, as they are not to be overlooked. These pieces can fill a space with warmth and a bit of your personality to help your home improve to reflect you better!

It’s best not to overwhelm yourself with too many large items before you’re sure you love vintage design, so this is a great way to get started!

09. Use textiles

Vintage home décor is incomplete without some kind of textile element in there somewhere. Whether that means putting up curtains that resemble old roman blinds, using an area rug with classically inspired patterns, or simply hanging up tapestries on the wall; don’t forget to include at least one fabric piece when styling your room for this theme!

10. Don't be afraid to try something new

The best part about creating a vintage home is that you can go to thrift stores and find so many unique pieces, which means there are no rules! Be creative with what you have laying around the house or use your imagination to create something new out of old. There’s nothing wrong with having fun when decorating for this theme; in fact, it’s encouraged!

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11. Use as much natural light as possible.

Vintage decor tends to absorb more light due to the dark shades, so be sure to leave plenty of windows open for fresh air! If you don’t have a lot of floor space, vintage furniture has the ability to double as wall art. Place your favorite pieces up against walls or objects to make the most of your unique space.

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12. Keep it timeless by avoiding trends and patterns from specific eras.

Opting for solid colors will allow any piece to blend well together regardless of what decade they come from. If you really want to get creative try mixing modern furniture with vintage details like hardware finishes on cabinets for contrast!

13. Utilize modern furniture

Mixing vintage finds with modern furniture is not only an aesthetically pleasing choice, but if done right you can make the space feel like it’s always been that way.

14. Choose your decor pieces carefully

Make sure to choose pieces in good condition without any rips or tears; your grandmother wouldn’t want her favorite things damaged either! If possible try checking out garage sales and thrift stores for unique one-of-a-kind finds for cheaper than retail price!

15. Take it one room at a time

Be mindful of what makes each room beautiful at its core by considering patterns, textures, shapes, and tones prior to adding anything new into the mix.

There are so many ways to incorporate vintage into your contemporary that there is no excuse not to own at least one piece.

Don’t forget about putting safety first when using antiques in everyday life because some things just aren’t meant to come back around again after years past their expiration date. Vintage home decor may not be for everyone but if you want truly unique it might just be for you.

Happy decorating!

Purchasing Vintage from Emma and Jean

When you purchase vintage, antique or “found” pieces, a large part of their beauty is in their inherent imperfections. Please expect that many of the pieces we sell will have a worn patina that we believe adds to their unique character and charm.

However, we do not sell pieces that are broken or damaged in a way we feel detracts from the piece. We take care to insure that lighting is in working condition, our art work is in good to excellent vintage condition, and our ceramics do not have any cracks or large chips. We will often make repairs to items so that you receive a quality piece that functions well. We clean all of our items before sending them to you and polish brass and silver plated objects when necessary.

Be assured that all of our pieces are packed with care and include all the packing necessary to make it to you safely!

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