About Us

Ethan, shop dog and all around good boy.

About Us

Emma & Jean is a curated online shop and boutique filled with vintage treasures and artisanal homewares.  Named after my two grandmothers, the shop aims to bring their creative spirit to life through our carefully chosen and often whimsical finds.  

I’ve spent several years working as an interior decorator and throughout that time, I’ve always used vintage and found pieces to style my client’s homes.  I soon came to realize that “the hunt” was my favorite part of the job!  After  accumulating many more treasures than I could ever use, the shop was born. 

When I decided to add new home goods to the shop, I knew right away that I wanted to feature artists that create in small batches using ethically sourced supplies.  You won’t find these pieces on Amazon!  All of our new items work happily with our vintage pieces, bringing the same whimsical charm to the shop.  Our small batch candles look beautiful in our foraged brass candle holders and our paper table goods are right at home with your grandmother’s china. 

Thank you for visiting and please check in often!  Our vintage stock is always changing as we find new treasures.

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