How to Turn Pieces of History Into Modern Home Decor

Through my years as a decorator, I’ve always designed and styled rooms that feel as though they evolved naturally over time. I love mixing vintage furniture, lighting, and accessories with newer pieces to create a space that’s still can still be fun and modern. If you think vintage and antique means stuffy and “grandma” read on to learn how to mix styles and create a room that’s stylish and feels current.  

Find Your Personal Style and Inspiration

First, it’s important to find what kind of design style speaks to you. If you have eclectic taste and are drawn to several styles of furniture, lighting, etc., you can still use them in one room as long as they have similar lines. For example, the smaller scale of mid century modern furniture tends to play well with early American styles because both are simple and eschew ornamentation and fluffy details. So don’t be afraid to incorporate both into the same space.  As for decor pieces, keep your overall style in mind, but don’t be afraid to layer in some antiques and vintage pieces that appeal to you for personal reasons.  It’s those unique pieces that will make your home really sing!

Keep a List of Ideas That Reflect Your Vision

You’ve probably heard of of keeping a running list of creative ideas and inspiration to refer back to for your next design project. Whether you’re simply brainstorming creative ways to decorate your space or looking for design ideas while shopping, it’s always good practice to write down or keep a phone list or photos of things that catch your eye while you’re out and about so you can add them to the final inspiration board.   That’s not to say the the occasional impulse purchase is a bad idea!  In fact, the more you “hone” in on your personal style, the better you’ll get at buying pieces that naturally fit your space. 

Mix and Match Your Designs with Vintage Pieces

A room that looks as if it were plucked from a furniture store is the worst thing that can happen to a home! Even if you lean toward a more contemporary style or sleek and modern furnishings, a little vintage will always add a personal and unique element.  Although furniture styles shouldn’t compete harshly with one another, a little tension can create an interesting contrast between old and new Mix in some cool vintage lighting,  an antique bust or a vintage wall map to add some unique flair.

Make Sure Each Piece That You Acquire on Your Search Complements the Other Pieces in Your Collection

As mentioned before, it’s important to keep your overall decorating style in mind each time you find a piece that speaks to your heart.  Consider how it will look not only alone but with the rest of the pieces that you have already collected.  While the occasional impulse purchase can add a fun and unexpected element to your space, you certainly don’t want to waste time and money and risk disappointment by buying pieces that don’t work at all!  So keep your style in the forefront of your mind, refer to your inspiration pics often and don’t be afraid to gather feedback from others.  

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