Step Up Your Interior Design With High-Quality Antiques

Antiques are prized for their beauty and high-quality craftsmanship. Utilizing high-quality antiques in your home is a great way to add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any interior space. Antiques used as accents in the right way can make a dramatic difference in your home decor by making it more interesting and stylish and highlighting the interior architecture of the rooms in your home.

Interior Design for Functional Spaces

Use your antiques and traditional materials to add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your living room by using them sparingly as accent pieces. Locate them in out-of-the-way areas, such as the corners of the room or on shelves. This way you can still enjoy their beauty while keeping them from being damaged or chipped due to routine wear and tear that leads to everyday use!

Tips For Using Antiques in Your Home

Utilizing high-quality antique furniture is a great way to enhance the decor of any home office. Since antique furniture is designed with intricate details and high-quality craftsmanship it makes for an elegant addition to any home suite without sacrificing style or comfort.

When choosing items for your interior design look beyond just functionality and consider the cabinets’ style and decoration as well. If you have a specific style, materials that you love, or color palettes that you follow, don’t compromise simply for the sake of having a beautiful antique! If vintage elements work for your design theme, feel free to experiment with various pieces of antique furniture to create the perfect interior spaces that reflect your personal taste and preferences.

Using Antiques To Enhance and Complete Your Kitchen Design

Designing the perfect kitchen can be a long and tedious process for most homeowners who wish to create an atmosphere that feels vibrant and functional all at once. When designing your ideal kitchen there are plenty of different factors to take into consideration such as storage options, lighting options, the baking/cooking projects that you like to undertake, and unique decorating ideas that can really bring your kitchen space to life. One great way to add a unique and fun element to your kitchen design is through the use of antique furniture. Vintage pieces can be an excellent way to add an eclectic and vintage feel in any area of your home, and if you’re looking for some lovely pieces that will work perfectly in your kitchen, but aren’t sure where to go or how to create your dream space, working with interior designers is a fantastic way to go!

Emma & Jean | Interior Designer in Smithfield, VA

We love providing our customers with advice on what antiques can enhance the layout of their home or what art can attract the viewer’s focus and brighten your wall! We search painstakingly for the perfect antiques to enhance interiors and homes and often sell select pieces on our site.

When you purchase vintage, antique or “found” pieces, a large part of their beauty is in their inherent imperfections. Please expect that many of the pieces we sell will have a worn patina that we believe adds to their unique character and charm.

However, we do not sell our clients pieces that are broken or damaged in a way we feel detracts from the piece. We take care to ensure that lighting is in working condition, our art-work is in good to excellent vintage condition, and our ceramics do not have any cracks or large chips. We will often make repairs to items so that you receive a quality piece that functions well. We clean all of our items before sending them to you and polish brass and silver-plated objects when necessary.

Be assured that all of our pieces are packed with care and include all the packing necessary to make it to your house safely!

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